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PET water bottle drying video


Adamark Bolt-On Drying Systems

Adamark Air Knife Systems can be custom designed as a bolt-on improvement to your existing conveyor. Our innovative, bolt-on drying and cleaning systems are compatible most conveyor designs, at widths up to 12’, running at very high line speeds – as high as 1200 bottles or cans per minute. Very simply, Adamark Air Knife Bolt-On Systems are designed to work; with your conveyor and your product, regardless of application.

For more information about Adamark Bolt-On Drying Systems, see our pages on Can and Bottle Drying, Food Products Drying, Wine Bottle Drying and Auto Parts Drying in the Applications section.

Adamark Air Knife Systems are not limited to off-the-shelf solutions. Our expert systems engineers specialize in creating custom drying and cleaning systems for even the most challenging applications. Check out the Custom Systems page or contact us for more information.