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PET water bottle drying video
PET water bottle drying video 2


Can & Bottle Drying

PET Bottle Drying

Plastic bottles (whether round, square or contoured) code better, label better and look better when the gross water and rinse liquids are removed with air knife drying. Condensation often forms on bottles after filling resulting in poor labels and codes. The Adamark Air Knife Drying System can keep the bottle condensation free for up to 10 seconds after the drying station. This means a dry bottle is coded and labeled resulting in a perfect product every time.

The Adamark high speed single stage centrifugal blower is capable of delivering warm, dry, high velocity air to your product from up to 75 feet away from the finish drying area. This is ideal in applications when two or more labelers are used. By producing high velocity, high temperature air at the lowest possible flow, the Adamark system creates very little ambient turbulence so it can be positioned within 18” of the coder. Regardless of your specific needs, an Adamark System can be customized to solve your PET bottle labeling and coding needs.

Can Drying

Even though they do not require labels, it is very important to dry cans after filling and washing to ensure the finished product is free of water marks and stains. With prolonged exposure to water, rust and corrosion can form on the seams and pull tab area. The Adamark Air Knife Drying System removes all gross excess water to ensure a clean, sanitary product ends up on the shelves.

The relatively new industry ink jet code requirements have created a space problem, which makes it necessary to dry the dome in areas removed from the finish drying area. In some cases, the dome must be completely dry to accept a code at high line speeds (up to 1200 CPM) and have the coded product enter a warmer afterward. The Adamark Air Knife Drying System is critical to ensure not only gross water removal but the elimination of condensation as well. The Adamark blower will produce pressures of 70” H20 at temperatures 60-70° F over ambient with a velocity between 32,000 and 37,000 FPM. In response to challenge, the Adamark system has been successful by changing the skin temperature of the can long enough for the code to be applied and dry. The Adamark Air Knife Drying System allows for less expensive inks and increased line speeds, letting you produce a better looking product even when labels are not involved.