Custom Drying Applications

Custom - cus·tom (adjective)

  1. Made to order - made or built to order
  2. Making goods to order - making or selling custom-made goods
  3. Changed to suit better - altered in order to fit somebody’s requirements better

When it comes to air knife drying, it’s wise to look at each application as custom until we know without a doubt the solution has been successful many times before.

Our engineers offer full design and in-house product testing to determine the best possible drying solution for truly custom jobs. We can simulate our drying solution in our Mississauga test facility so you can witness the system perform in person, or we can send a video for your consideration and feedback.

The design process for custom drying application requires input from all parties to allow for a successful solution. We start with four questions:

  • What are we asked to dry?
  • Why?
  • What are the costs associated with not having a dry product?
  • What is the cost of operating your existing drying option?

Custom systems often result in huge hidden savings when the results of a custom drying solution are considered part of the complete project.