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Crate & Tote Drying

Adamark Compact High Velocity Drying Systems are used to dry beverage holders, plastic food crates and various size bins and totes.

After a product is cleaned and sanitized it is often stored to dry before reuse. The Adamark System allows for inline washing and drying, eliminating the space for air drying. A dry crate makes conveyor belt transfer faster with accurate product orientation. A dry tote or tray won’t freeze during transport. Water marking and mineralization gets dirty faster requiring more frequent cleaning, easily preventable with an Adamark Air Knife Drying System.

Adamark works in cooperation with many parts washing manufacturers to ensure a clean, dry reusable container.

Our most notable accomplishment is a single drying system used to dry inline exiting a washer products varying in size from cubic foot bins to garbage cans. One system satisfied a customer over the full range of sizes.