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Air Knife demo

Auto Parts Drying

Canadian manufacturers of automotive components and parts face a common and difficult problem: how to dry products prior to coating or finished powder coat painting. Bottles Drying

The severity of the drying “drying dilemma” varies from process to process in which we often find a combination of drying techniques employed with little or no success.

A typical drying system involves compressed air nozzles, lowers or fans, followed by a lengthy heat tunnel. The heat tunnel is required to evaporate liquids not removed at the “blow off station”.

The Adamark Air Knife Drying System can provide the drying results demanded by today’s auto parts manufacturers. The Adamark air knives operate with up to 97% volumetric efficiency at air stream velocities up to 37,000 feet per minute. This means that 97% of the air a blower is able to move impacts the part at a speed of 37,000 feet per minute. We only require 2 psi pressure with horsepower ranging from 7.5 to 40 to effectively try the product.

Traditional compressed air operated systems are expensive to operate with the average compressor capable of only 4.5 cfm per Hp.

Traditional low pressure blowers require at least 10 square feet to install and often require large diameter 6” and 8” air knives or nozzles. This makes it difficult to position the air knives close enough to the product being dried to be effective.

The Adamark high efficiency blower can fit easily into a 4 foot cube. It is compact enough to be mounted at ceiling height where we can take advantage of the ambient hot air.